Geographic Targeting

Geo-Targeting is a DRM(digital rights management) service designed to secure content based on geographic locale.

Streams can be locked to allow or disallow specific countries or cities

Broadcasts that require specific territory rights and licensing can use this service to limit the access. Security settings are customized on a per-stream basis.

Initial Setup

We will go over the specific regions that should be allowed to access or not access the content. We then secure the streaming server so regions outside the allowed area are not able to access the content.

Geo Locked Streaming Service Demonstration

For streaming available only in the UK, please click here.

For streaming available only in the USA, please click here.

To experience the geo-locker, please click a link for a country other than your own. You should be prevented from launching the stream.


Contact us for custom Quotes. Service is costed on a per stream basis. Multiple streams can be protected with different access rights.